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Station News

September Services 2011


The ILB was launched to 21:00 to assist two climbers that had abseiled over Culver Cliff and were cut off by the tide.The two were brought back to the station and handed over to the local coastguards.



August Services 2011


The ALB launched at 23:10 to assist with a medivac off the cruise liner "Crown Princess" that had returned to the Solent after departing Southampton earlier this evening.

The rendezvous took place to the WSW of Gilkicker Point and the patient was transfered to the lifeboat and taken into the Camber Docks then handed over to the ambulance crew.



July Services 2011


The ILB was launched at 16:25 to a becalmed sailing vessel north of St Helens fort. 



The ILB was launched at 21:50 after two people were cut of by the tide at the base of Culver Cliff. The ILB located them, took them into Whitecliff bay and handed them over to the local coastguards.



April Services 2011


The ILB was launched at 20:10 when reports were received that a speed boat with three people on board was broken down in Priory Bay. Arriving on scene the ILB passed a towline and towed the boat into Bembridge harbour. After checking over the engine and getting it running, the speed boat returned under its own power, (escorted by the Inshore Lifeboat as far as “Nomans Land Fort” in the middle of the Solent) made its own way back to Portsmouth.



The Tamar Class Lifeboat "Alfred Albert Williams" was officially placed on service at 22:00hrs on Wednesday 20th October 2010 after the Depty Divisional Inspectors exercise and will officially be known now as Bembridge Lifeboat 


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