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September 2014

28th September

The ALB (RNLB Peter and Lesley-Jane Nicholson) launched at around 01:10 to assist a 17ft outboard engined boat with an elderly skipper and two other crew who had become disorientated and had anchored as they were unsure of their position.  Using DF they were quickly located close to the entrance of Bembridge harbour and escorted back to their moorings at the top end of the harbour.  The ALB was re-housed by 02:30.

14th September

The ALB was launched around 22:00 to go to the assistance of a 37ft yacht with 3 crew onboard that was prop-wrapped on a fishing net or lobster pot about half a mile off Dunose Head and was unable to untangle herself.  The yacht was located at about 22:30 and freed by the ALB using a grapple.  However, as there was still some rope round the prop it was decided to set up a tow to the entrance of Chichester Harbour where she was transferred to the Hayling Island ILB at 01:00.  The Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 01:45.

7th September

The ILB was launched at around 20:30 to assist a becalmed 27ft yacht that had broken down off Nettlestone Point with 6 adults and 2 children on board.  The yacht was towed into Bembridge Harbour (initially to Fisherman's Pontoon so that most of the crew could disembark and catch taxi's to the ferry at Ryde, and then it was towed across to the Duver Marina).  The ILB then returned to Lane End and was rehoused by 22:30.