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The ALB launched at 15:00 to assist a 47ft ex-tugboat that had initially broken down and subsequently reported that it was taking on water on its way from Newport to Southampton with 2 crew onboard.  On arrival on scene the mechanic went on board the tug to see if temporary repairs were possible, however as nothing could be done, the tug was towed back to Trinity Landing in Cowes.  The Peter & Lesley-Jane Nicholson then returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 17:30.


The ALB launched at about 18:54 to help in the search for a missing trimaran mid-Channel following receipt of a Mayday call by a French Merchant ship.  Yarmouth Lifeboat and the CG helicopter were also tasked.  On scene control was undertaken by HMS St Albans (a Type 23 Frigate) which was in the area and assisted in the search.  After an extensive search and no sign of the casualty vessel, the SAR assets were stood down and the Peter and Lesley-Jane Nicholson returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 03:00.

Afternote:  HMS St Albans located the solo sailor on his upturned trimaran at around 03:30 some 50 or 60 miles west of the search area.  Weymouth Lifeboat was launched, rescued him up and took him ashore.