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May 2014

18th May

The ALB & ILB were launched just after 18:00 in support of the local Coastguard and Police following the report of a possible missing person who was thought to have stolen a speedboat from the Driftwood Bar area in Sandown Bay.  Both boats were subsequently stood down at 18:45 and returned to Bembridge when it was confirmed that the suspect had been apprehended ashore by the Police.

10th May

The ALB launched at just after 17:00 to assist a 24ft yacht that had run aground earlier in the afternoon in the strong SW winds in Portsmouth Harbour, initially with one person onboard, but now with four people following a failed rescue attempt from the local sailing club.  

Once on scene, the Y boat was deployed and a tow line established.  The yacht was then towed to safety alongside a local pontoon.  The Alfred Albert Williams then returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 18:45.  

9th May

ALB launched at 12:12 following a report that a windsurfer was in difficulties off Yaverland Beach.  On arrival on scene it transpired that the windsurfer had managed (with the assistance from two other windsurfers) to make it safely back to the shore and his windsurfer had been recovered.  The Alfred Albert Williams therefore returned back to Bembridge and was re-housed by 13:00.