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June 2014

26th June

The Alfred Albert Williams launched at around 00:10 to assist a single handed 32 foot sailing yacht that had left Falmouth 3 days ago and was midway between Bembridge & Langstone snagged on either a fishing net or lobster pot.  The ALB successfully freed the yacht using a grapple and as her engine was not working towed her into Haslar Marina.  The Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 02:20.

23rd June

The ALB launched at around 00:40 to a 62ft twin engined motor cruiser that had broken down and was drifting in the shipping lane north of Osborne Bay in the vicininty of South East Ryde Middle.  Having ruled out the possibility of a repair (no oil), a tow to Haslar Marina in Portsmouth was set up.  The Alfred Albert Williams then returned to Bembridge and was re-housed at around 03:00.

21st June

Although both boats went afloat on standy-by, benign weather and competitors with plenty of fuel for motoring home meant it was a very quiet and incident free round the Island Race.  The ALB did however assist a crew member off one yacht who had suffered a rope burn to his hand and after treatment transferred him to a supporting RIB to be taken ashore. 

15th June

A busy day with 3 shouts involving RNLB Alfred Albert Williams

The first was at 13:05 to a 38ft yacht with 2 people on board that reported that it had got something wrapped around its propellor off Nettlestone Point.  On arrival on the scene the lifeboat crew ascertained that although the obstruction was not in fact around the propellor, the saildrive leg was snagged which meant the yacht was unable to move.  Using a grapple, the obstruction was located and the yacht freed.  The ALB escorted her into Bembridge Harbour to be subsequently checked for damage.  The Alfred Albert Williams was then re-housed by 14:30.

The second was an immediate launch at around 17:15 to assist a 50 ft yacht with 2 people on board reported to be taking in water in the main shipping channel between No Mans Land & Horse Sand Forts.  On arrival on scene and in conjunction with Gosport & Fareham Inshore Rescue it was ascertained that the yacht was not fact in danger of sinking but to be on the safe side they escorted her into Gosport Marina.  

The third was as the Alfred Albert Williams was leaving Portsmouth and was diverted to assist a 31 ft angling boat with 2 people on board that had broken down in the entrance to Langstone Harbour.  On arrival on scene near Langstone Fairway Post the angling boat was taken in tow and towed back to her mooring just inside Langstone Harbour.  The Alfred Albert Williams then returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 20:00.  

5th June

The ILB was launched at 16:18 to assist a 38ft yacht with 2 crew onboard that had hit the Bembridge Ledge and suffered possible hull damage.  Although some damage was evident, there was no sign of water egress so the Dorothy Beatrice May Gorman escorted the yacht which was able to motor under its own steam, to the Duver Marina in Bembridge Harbour.  The ILB then returned to the station, was refuelled and made good for her next service.

1st June

The ALB launched at 20:32 to assist an 8m charter fishing boat with 5 people on board that had suffered a gear box failure and was anchored off Seaview.  The boat was towed to East Cowes Marina and the Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 23:00.