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July 2014

20 July

Three ALB shouts this afternoon.  The first was at around 13:40 when the Alfred Albert Williams launched to take over the tow from the Sandown & Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat of a 38ft motor cruiser with 2 persons onboard that had broken down off St Catherine's Point earlier in the day.  The motor cruiser was subsequently towed into Portsmouth.  On returning to Bembridge the ALB carried out a hi-line training exercise with the Coastguard helicopter; she was re-housed by 16:00.

The second was at around 17:10 to medivac someone who had been injured whilst being towed behind an inflatable  in the Priory Bay area.  The inflatable, with the casualty still onboard, was towed to Bembridge Harbour where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance.  

On returning to the Lifeboat Station at around 18:30 the ALB was diverted to assist Selsey RNLI search for two overdue divers; in the event, the divers were located before the Alfred Albert Williams reached the dive area so she returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 19:15.     

18 July

The ILB was paged to launch at around 20:55 to assist a speedboat that had broken down off Seaview.  However, the task was cancelled just prior to actually launching when it was ascertained that a local RIB was alongside the broken down boat and dealing with it.

12 July

The Alfred Albert Williams was launched at around 22:20 in support of Ventnor Coastguard to 3 fishermen night fishing on Horse Ledge (between Luccombe Bay & Shanklin) who were thought to have been cut off by the tide. 

On arrival we relieved Lifeboat 17-21 on passage to Newhaven that had initially been tasked to assist but had been unable to deploy their Y boat as they only had a passage crew on board.  Our Y boat was therefore launched and the crew went ashore to talk to the fisherman who confirmed that they knew the area well, were happy with their situation and did not consider themselves to be in danger.  The ALB returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 23:45.

4th July

Both boats were launched this evening (the ALB at around 22:00, and the ILB at about 22:25) to assist the local Coastguard teams recover a casualty from the bottom of the cliffs between Whitecliff Bay & Yaverland.  The ILB made two trips into the beach and with the assistance of Sandown & Shanklin Inshore Rescue transferred the four man Coastguard team and the casualty to the Alfred Albert Williams.  Both boats then returned to Bembridge and were re-housed by midnight.

2nd July

The Alfred Albert Williams launched at around 08:30 this morning (2nd July) to assist a 13m french yacht with two people on board that had become snagged on a fishing net off St Catherine's Point and was unable to free herself.   On reaching the disabled yacht, the Y boat was launched and was able to successfully free her, however as it was suspected that her propellor was still fouled she was towed to Haslar Marina to be checked over.  The ALB then returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 12:45.