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February 2014

26th February (2)

1.  Whilst out on vibration tests the ALB was tasked by Solent Coastguard to check out a report of a "raft" being sighted in the vicinity of Spitbank Fort by a passer-by on Southsea Seafront.  Nothing spotted and the incident was closed just after 15:00.

2.  At about 15:30 (whilst still on test) the ALB was tasked to respond to a Pan Pan call involving a speedboat with two crew that had broken down on the eastern edge of Hayling Island beach and was in danger of sinking.  Although the ALB was swiftly on scene, the speedboat had sunk and the two occupants were in the surf.  The Y boat was immediately launched and was able to reach the two casualties and recover them to the Alfred Albert Williams.  The speedboat was unable to be saved.  In view of the cold state of the two casualties it was agreed that rather than transfer the two casualties to Portsmouth Lifeboat who had by that time arrived on scene, they would be warmed up on the ALB and dropped off at the Langstone/Hayling Ferry terminal and taken to Portsmouth Lifeboat Station to recover.  As soon as this was achieved, the Alfred Albert Williams then continued on with the vibrations tests!