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7th December

The Alfred Albert Williams launched at about 11:15 to go to the assistance of an 18ft sailing cruiser off Seaview with 2 crew on board that had lost its rudder and was without any propulsion.  The yacht was taken in tow to the entrance of Bembridge Harbour where she was handed over to the harbour staff who then towed her up to the Duver Marina pontoon where she was met by members of the local coastguard team.  The AAW returned to the Offshore Boathouse and was re-housed by 12:30.

4th December

The Alfred Albert Williams was paged to launch at 16:10 to go to the assistance of an 18ft angling boat about 1 nautical mile south of the Nab Tower that had lost all power and had could not start its engine.  However, the launch was the cancelled by the Coastguard at 16:14 when the crew reported (on their mobile) that they had managed to re-start the engine manually and were happy to make their own way back to Langstone harbour.