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April 2016

 24th April

RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar 16-17) launched at around 17:45 this afternoon at the request of Solent Coastguard following a report from the Brittany Ferry Bretagne on its way to Portsmouth that a passenger had seen someone in the water about 2 miles south of Bembridge Ledge. 

Once on scene the Y boat was launched and sadly a body was recovered which was then brought back to the Offshore Lifeboat Station where it was handed over to the local Police.  The Alfred Albert Williams rehoused at around 18:35.

17th April

Following a discussion with Solent Coastguard, RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar 16-17) was launched around 18:50 to assist a 32 foot motorboat "Ligea" that had broken down between Langstone Harbour and Bembridge with 2 crew onboard.  Having located the boat and resolved her problem, she was then escorted into Langstone Harbour.

Before returning to Bembridge, RNLB Alfred Albert Williams was then re-tasked to assist a 28 foot angling boat "Wight Thyme" that had broken down with a fuel problem just south of the Nab Tower with 2 crew onboard.  Having been unable to get her engine working, the AAW towed her into Bembridge Harbour.  The AAW then rehoused around 21:30.

5th April

RNLB Alfred Albert Williams launched at 13:20 this afternoon at the request of Solent Coastguard to assist a 34ft sailing yacht "Tulip" with 2 crew onboard reported as being 5 miles south of Ventnor with a failed engine, little or no wind and worried that they were going to drift into the shipping lane. 

The yacht, which was closer to Ventnor than initially reported, was located and placed under tow at around 13:50.  On arrival off Bembridge Lifeboat Station our mechanic Bryan was transferred to the "Tulip" at 15:45 and the tow continued to Portsmouth while he successfully managed to sort out the engine problem so that she was then able to dock under her own power in Haslar Marina. 

The Alfred Albert Williams then returned to Bembridge and was recovered by 17:30 in preparation for the planned training launch at 19:00.