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October 2012


Both boats launched at 03:20 to assist other rescue services after a vehicle went over the cliff at Culver.


The ALB was launched at 06:50 to assist a 38' sailing yacht with one crew member suffering from seasickness south of the nab tower.

The casualty was towed into portsmoth harbour and berthed in hazlar Marina



The ALB was launched at 06:25 to assist 10.5 metre motor sailing vessel with 2 persons on board that was having difficulties with its roller reefing gear in the conditions SE of Bembridge. 

The Y boat was launched with two crew and once afloat was brought up alongside the ALB and the third crew boarded, the Y boat the proceeded down sea and up along the leeward side of the casualty where the two crew climbed onboard, the Y boat was then recovered to the ALB.

They reported all was well and as planned one assisted the skipper in freeing the fouled reefing gear and recovering the sail.

We escorted them for a short while after it was recovered and when the skipper was happy, the Y boat was launched again, the two crew taken off and the Y boat was recovered and we returned to station and they continued their passage.