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September 2012


The ALB Launched at 15:30 to assist a 14metre catamaran aground on the St Helens side of the entrance to Bembridge Harbour.

Arriving on scene, due to the lack of water and the near gale force easterly winds the towline was rigged and a rocket line was fired to the casualty.

Once the line was ashore it was secured and the vessel was towed free and into Bembridge Harbour and berthed at the duver pontoon.

On completion the ALB returned to sea but due the heavy swell encountered on slipway on launching she berthed in Portsmouth Harbour for 4½ hours until the tide had dropped sufficiently to recover at 22:40.



The ILB was requested to launch at 11:50 to assist a 9 metre trimaran that was having difficulties leaving Bembridge harbour in the strong easterly winds.

Arriving onscene the ILB towed the vessel out into deeper water and she continued sailing to Portsmouth.

On completion the ILB returned to station.



The ALB was requested to launch at 01:15 to assist a small angling vessel with power failure in the vicinity of the West Princessa buoy.

Arriving on-scene the vessel was found at anchor, the mechanic was transferred across and weaving his magic got the engine started.

After a thorough check was made the vessel was free to make its own way back into Langstone Harbour.

On completion were then tasked to assist the local coastguards and ambulance crew in evacuating a fisherman from the beach at Whitecliff Bay with a suspected broken ankle.

The Y boat was dispatched ashore to pick up the casualty already in a stretcher which was then transferred to the ALB.

On completion of the transfer, the Y boat was recovered and the ALB returned to station was recovered and the casualty handed over to the ambulance crew.

The ALB was made ready for service again by 03:00


We were requested to launch to assist a 32’ yacht suffering engine failure and being unable to sort out their roller reefing gear, with 3 POB a mile east of the West Princessa buoy.

Arriving on-scene, the tow line having already being rigged with the bridle was passed, once secured and the crew returned aft the tow commenced.

With the vessels draught of 1.6 it meant Bembridge Harbour was tight for getting in and out so the casualty was towed into Portsmouth Harbour and berthed in Haslar marina.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station was rehoused and made ready for service again by 02:30


The ILB was launched at 04:30 to assist the ambulance crew with the evacuation of a lady from a yacht close to the shore in Bembridge Harbour.

Arriving in the harbour the ILB encountered thick localized fog.

Having found the yacht the lady was transferred to the ILB and then to shore.

She was then handed over to the ambulance crew and the local coastguards.

On completion the ILB returned to station AT 05:05  


The ALB was launched at 16:05 to assist a 20ft angling vessel with a tow into Bembridge Harbour after it had suffered machinery failure whilst fishing 3 miles east of Dunnose point.

The vessel was towed into the harbour where it was recovered to a slipway for repairs.

On completion the ALB returned to station.