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June Services 2012


We attended two service during the Round the Island Race.

The first was to a dismasted yacht south of ventnor, arriving  on-scene we found the crew were busy trying to retrieve the mast and rigging from over the side.

No sooner had we arrived we were diverted to assist a crewman with a suspected broken leg onboard a 45' yacht south of Dunnose.

Arriving on scene the helicopter winchman was lowered onto our deck and we then transferred him to the yacht with  one of our crewman to assist.

The person was treated and evacuated from the yacht, the winchman was recoverd to the helicopter and tasked to a head injury, we took the casualty to Portsmouth Harbour and the waiting ambulance. 



Whilst out exercise this evening we were diverted to assist a small angling vessel that had suffered total engine failure in the vicinity of the Nab end bouy.

The casualty with two persons onboard were towed into Chichester Harbour and handed over to Hayling Rescue.