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August Services 2011


The ALB launched at 23:10 to assist with a medivac off the cruise liner "Crown Princess" that had returned to the Solent after departing Southampton earlier this evening.

The rendezvous took place to the WSW of Gilkicker Point and the patient was transfered to the lifeboat and taken into the Camber Docks then handed over to the ambulance crew.



The ALB launched at 14:40 to assist a 36' yacht with 5 POB that had broadcast a Mayday after its steering jammed about a mile and a quarter NW of the Nab Tower.

Arriving on-scene ti was established that the crew had managed to free the steering, it was now working ok, so we escorted the vessel back to their home port at Chichester Harbour.  



The ALB launched at 00:34 to assist a 70' ex trawler with 2 POB that had lost steerage North East of Ryde pier.

The lifeboat established a tow and towed the vessel into Portsmouth Harbour and berthed it in Camber Docks.

Returning to station at 02:40. 



The ALB was launched at 20:10 and the ILB was launched at 21:10 after a car had been reported going over Culver Cliff.

Both lifeboats assisted the emergency services on -scene returning to station at 22:20.


The ALB was undertaking a SAR display with Sandown Rescue and the CG helicopter 104 when the Coastguards tasked us to assist a 44' yacht that had called Mayday after grounding on Bembridge Ledge.

Arriving on scene we found two Ribs were in attendance and the yacht had managed to free its self. A crewmember was transferred across to check for water ingress and there was thoughts the rudder might be damaged, but all seemed ok, the vessel was escorted towards to Portsmouth Harbour where Portsmouth lifeboat took over the escort duties into port.



The ILB was launched at 19:10 to reports that 4 persons were cut of by the rising tide in the vicinity of St Helens fort.

Arriving on scene they found the four, recovered them to the ILB and then handed them over to the local coastguards ashore, a little bit cold.



The ALB was launched at 12:00 to assist a 44' yacht  with 10 POB who's engine room fire alarms were going off 3 miles south of Ventnor.

Arriving on scene we found the Lifeboat 16-07 on passage to Cromer and the fishing vessel "Ventnor Pride" standing by, we evacuated eight of the crew and transferred our mechanic across who with the skippers help found the cause of the trouble to be the exhaust box. 

The eight crew were landed at Bembridge Harbour and were transported to cowes by road, the yacht made its way under sail to cowes.   



The ALB was launched at 17:45 to assist the 11 metre yacht with two POB that was experiencing difficulties 7 miles ENE of the station.

Arriving on-scene the Y boat was launched and a crewmember put onboard to assist in rigging the towline, once secured the casualty was towed to Chichester Harbour where the tow was transfered to Hayling Lifeboat who tow it in. 



Just proir to launching the ALB on exercise at 19:00, Solent coastguard requested assistance to a 32ft yacht aground in Priory bay that was believed to be taking on water.

The ALB launched and once onscene launched the "Y" boat to its assistance, having check it out and could find no water ingress the vessel was left to float off as the tide flooded.

The ILB having also launched on exercise stayed with the vessel until the skipper was happy with the situation before returning to station at 22:00. 



The ILB launched at 09:10 to a 19ft angling vessel with engine failure in the vicinity of the No Mans land fort, vessel towed into Bembridge Harbour