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May Services 2011


We were requested to launch by Solent MRCC after reports were received that a Red Flare was sighted coming from the vicinity of Priory Bay.

On launching we made our way to the area and started to conduct a parallel track search from the Bembridge harbour tide gauge to the eastern edge of Ryde sands at half mile track spacing, we established that Gosport rescue had also been tasked and had made its way across the Solent and was in the process of asking a yacht transiting the area whether he had seen anything, he hadn’t, we then tasked them inshore to another yacht and some kayakers again with the same result.

Three legs were completed before Solent had gained information that the Priory Hotel had been letting off fireworks which was probably the cause and we could stand down.

We continued the leg we were on and on completion returned to station rehoused and made ready for service.



On request of HMCG Solent we launched at 0838 BST to recover dingy adrift approximately 1 mile north east of Bembridge Lifeboat station. The dingy was alongside an angling vessel called ‘Pleasure Pursuit’.   The ILB made best speed to the vessel ‘Pleasure Pursuit’ and was on scene at 0843. We quickly established that the dingy had not recently been occupied and was just adrift. HMCG requested the ILB to tow the dingy back to station.

The ILB returned to station where it was refuelled, and made ready for service.



The ILB was requested to launch by Solent MRCC after a report of some kite surfers in difficulty due to the lack of wind off Bembridge.

Soon after launching the ILB was stood down as the casualty had recovered themselves to shore.


The ILB was requested to launch at 20:10 after a member of the public had notified Solent Coastguard that an upturned personal watercraft was drifting in the vicinity of Bembridge Harbour entrance.

Arriving on scene the ILB found the craft was secured to a mooring buoy by its handle bar, it transpired that the craft had broken down and its owner unable to start it secured it and made his way ashore, the ILB towed the craft into Bembridge harbour and handed it over to the local coastguards.


The ALB was launched after Solent coastguard received a call from the “Border Collie” a 44ft Ketch with 5 POB that she was taking on water 26 miles SSE of Bembridge.

On launching it was established that the Coastguard helicopter 104 was on-route with a crash pump, the casualties bilge pump was not working and the crew were bailing using buckets, the lifeboat made best speed arriving on-scene just under the hour to find the casualty motor sailing, with reefed main and jib making about 4.5 knots with the helicopter still on-scene and its winchman onboard.

The Y boat was deployed and the mechanic was transferred across to assess the situation and liaise with the winchman, the crash pump had done its job and pumped the vessel dry but water was still coming in although it was difficult to establish from where, it was agreed with the winchman to leave the crash pump aboard with our mechanic who would try to solve the mystery of where the water was coming from.

The winchman was air lifted off; we recovered our Y boat and escorted the vessel up towards the Solent, It was deemed prudent at first to escort them north through the west bound shipping lane, but the water ingress was sufficient to start the pump every 20-30 minutes and on this assumption the escort was continued, eventually the source was found to be the stern gland which although not easy to get to, when tightened up a bit reduced to flow to about 20-30 litres an hour, the reefed jib was then unfurled and the speed increased to 9 knots and the escort continued up into the Solent where once in the vicinity of the Warner buoy  Gosport rescue took over the escort duties into Portsmouth harbour.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station was rehoused and made ready for service again.