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April Services 2011


The ILB was launched at 20:10 when reports were received that a speed boat with three people on board was broken down in Priory Bay. Arriving on scene the ILB passed a towline and towed the boat into Bembridge harbour. After checking over the engine and getting it running, the speed boat returned under its own power, (escorted by the Inshore Lifeboat as far as “Nomans Land Fort” in the middle of the Solent) made its own way back to Portsmouth.


The ILB was launched at 16:20 to assist the 8 metre angling vessel "Moonstone" that had suffered gearbox failure to the east of bembridge ledge.

Arriving onscene the ILB found the casualty already undertow and making for Priory bay, once in the vicinity of St Helens fort the ILB took over the tow and towed the casualty into Bembridge Harbour and berthed her at fishermans pontoon.


The ALB was just finishing recovering from the previous service when it was launched again at 18:20 to assist in the medical evacuation of a passenger suffering chest pains from the cruise liner Balmarol transiting down the eastern solent.

The lifeboat transferred the casualty into the waiting ambulance in Camber docks. 


The ALB was launched at 16:08 to assist Sandown rescue that had gone to the aid of a 25ft motor cruiser off Whitecliff bay that had suffered water ingress and flooded the engine bay.

The lifeboat transferred a crew member across to assist and took off two casualties and a dog called "Muppet", once secure the vessel was towed into Langstone harbour.


The ILB was launched at 14:05 after it was reported that six people were thought to be cut off by the rising tide at the base of Culver Cliff. Arriving at Culver cliff it was found three of the six had already made there way to safety and the remaining three were enjoying the sun whilst sat on the rocks. Advice was given to the three about the need of being aware about their predicament with an offer to take them to safety which was politly declined before the lifeboat returned to Bembridge.


The ILB was launched at 18:45 when informsation was recieved that a dinghy had capsized outside of the Bembridge harbour.On launching the Inshore lifeboat was quickly on scene to find the sole occupant of the dinghy had managed to get ashore however his upturned boat was floating away with the tidal current. Recovering the dinghy it was towed back to the shore where its owner was being cared for by the local coastguard.


The ILB was launched at 14:20 to assist a Kayak with a family of four aboard that had encountered a large wash and capsized just off nodes point.

The ILB assisted the Coastguard helicopter and Ryde inshore rescue and all persons were safely brought ashore.