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January Services 2011


We were requested to launch by Solent MRCC at 20:05 to assist Portsmouth lifeboat that was struggling, having parted the tow to the 30ft steel trawler “El BARCO” that had suffered machinery failure on a lee shore to the west of the entrance to Langstone Harbour.

On launching the ALB made best speed arriving on-scene to find the casualty at anchor which was dragging and the ILB standing by with a three to four metre breaking sea and a southerly wind gusting 40knots, making life uncomfortable.

The tow line was made ready and the ALB manoeuvred down sea and once in range the tow line passed secured and the casualty towed into Portsmouth Harbour nearer the entrance the towline was shortened and once inside the casualty was brought up along the starboard side, secured and manoeuvred into the Camber Docks she was berthed and then passed over to the Local Coastguards.

On completion the ALB returned to station was rehoused and made ready for service again by 23:00


Solent Coastguard requested the launch of the ILB at 14:30 to assist a motor cruiser that had damaged its propeller on hitting Bembridge Ledge.

The casualty had hit the ledge at some speed and realising his error stopped the engine and made ready the anchor by which time he had drifted over the rocks into slightly deeper water.

Arriving on-scene and finding the casualty at anchor the ILB surveyed the damage and offered a tow into Bembridge Harbour, once to the tow was secure and the anchor recovered the ILB made for Bembridge and once in the harbour the casualty was berthed at the visitor’s pontoon and handed over to the Local Coastguards.


We were requested to launch by Solent MRCC at 00:20  to assist the 32’ yacht “Agapantha” with two crew that had lost all electrical power 13.2 miles SW of St Catherine’s Point.

On launching it was established that the casualty was under sail and was on passage from Dartmouth to Brighton and suffered total electrical failure.

With no means of communications other than flares, a torch and a mobile phone and concerned for the ships ahead of him he called Solent by phone, which luckily had a GPS application and was able to pass a position but the battery power was draining away.

The casualty was not easy to spot and was making a good speed, arriving on-scene we found the casualty under sail and asked what assistance he required the options were, for him to continue sailing and for us to escort them or for us to tow them, the skipper said they had been sailing since 07:00 the previous morning and were tired and they would appreciate a tow.

The towline was run out and once connected and secured the casualty was towed into Haslar marina and berthed.

On completion the Lifeboat returned to station was recovered and made ready for service by 06:45