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The Bembridge crew and community need your help to raise £1M towards the cost of our lifeboat station and lifeboat. Your support will help save lives at sea.

The plan to provide both a new lifeboat and a new station fit for the 21st century, will cost approximately £10M. We are appealing to the public for £1M towards that cost - your donation, however large or small, will help us reach that goal.

A Tamar class lifeboat has been allocated to Bembridge to fulfil operational requirements – the most technologically advanced craft in the RNLI’s fleet. Built of extraordinarily strong materials, powered by 2 x 1,000hp engines and controlled via computer, it will provide the crew with the best tool for the job – and keep us safer.

A better-designed and more spacious boathouse will provide improved working and safer conditions for boat and crew.

Such a leap forward for the crew will help ensure a steady supply of volunteers following in our footsteps.

Find out more on The Appeal section, or donate now:

Submit the online form
or Call 0845 650 3999 and quote ‘BLSA’
or send a donation to RNLI Bembridge Appeal, Admail 4109, Bembridge PO35 5ZS